Indie Weekend: Moon Dance Cover Reveal

Please ooh and aah over the cover for this upcoming contribution to “Love Potion #9: 14 Paranormal Romances” featuring USA Today, Bestselling, and Award-Winning Authors.

Indie Weekend: Always Something New

Share with someone…One of the most fun things I get to do as an Indie is follow my nose down whatever rabbit-hole it may take me. Caveat scriptor: doing so is probably going to lead you away from the stuff that makes you money or makes this a viable career choice, but part of my […]

SFR Station's April Fools For Love

SFR Station’s April Fools For Love Blog-Hop & Contest

If you’re here via the SFR Station’s blog hop, it’s April Fool’s Day, and the authors of SFR Station are being fools for giveaways! And if you’re not here via the blog hop, you picked a great day to start exploring sci-fi romance!

Friday. There Are No Words…But There Is A Blurb At The End

Share with someone…I wake up to this: Daily Mail Article Really…how am I supposed to top this? 9:30 in the morning and I’m officially done. If we were back in 1922, today would be the day that one Howard Carter took a flight of steps that would take the world by storm… I’m well on […]

Momming Mondays: Does This Hat Make Me Look Busy?

Share with someone…It’s Hallowe’en, and that means costumes! It also means raiding the candy stash for all the Butterfingers, half the Milky Ways, and that rare prize of a Black Cow (Mine! Mine! They’re ALL MINE! Muhahaha!) Aside from the sugar high and subsequent crash and coma, Hallowe’en reminds me of how many costumes we […]