Some of you may know I’ll be part of a box set of paranormal romances coming out this September (and now, the rest of you know, too). I haven’t talked much about the set (or anything really) because I’ve been busy writing my contribution to it–another novella in the Winterjacked series. Like its sister novella, Kaidan: Snow Bride, it tells the tale of the parents of one of the leads in the main series. Like its sister novella, it, too, is part of a box set with a shared theme.

Researching this was fun. Because it took place in the early 70’s, I got to nag my parents about the “flavor” of the era, and mix their stories with my own (very vague) memories of a few years after. There’s a very distinct feel to the fashions of the early 70’s. And I don’t just mean all the wacky polyester blends. 😀 The fashions remind me of the intersection of rebellion and flexibility (and no, I don’t mean double-knits, either!). The rigid traditions of yesteryear were still breaking down, but not against a battering ram of a single, solid opposition. Civil Rights, Women’s Lib, Anti-war sentiment, and a fragmenting music scene all contributed to chip away at a monolithic culture that seemed implacable until it wasn’t. To be honest, I can’t imagine the same blend of hope and innocence and cynicism and rebellion mixing the same way today. Not that we don’t have our own blend of it, as we continue to shape and mutate the ideas that our crazy predecessors put in place, but the flavor of the early 70’s was a taste all its own. I’m glad I was able to borrow a few tablespoons for this novella, and I hope I did it justice.

Now, without further ado, please ooh and aah over the cover for this upcoming contribution to Love Potion #9: 14 Paranormal Romances featuring USA Today, Bestselling, and Award-Winning Authors.

Moondance Cover

Moon Dance: a Winterjacked Frost Bite

Moon Dance: a Winterjacked FrostBite

When Amaryllis flees the Otherworld’s Winter Court to escape the attentions of a cruel prince, she finds herself in the human world of 1972, where women like her have won the right to choose their own destinies. Ryder, outcast from both Winter and Summer Courts, has committed the ultimate transgression and annexed a realm of his own. Without an ally, he could lose it all to the eternal war of the Otherworld, unless the runaway princess agrees to be his bride. When Otherworld politics break through to the ordinary world, Ryder and Amy must find strength in themselves–and trust in each other–to keep both worlds in balance.


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