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One of the things I love about writing is the people I meet. Writing is a solitary craft, for the most part, so most of those people reside in my head in one form or another. Writing is a creative process as well, and most creative types shy away from the technical side of things. So it’s a wonderful honor to meet someone who not only gets your storytelling side, but will totally geek out with you over technical things like hand-coding html. And when she gives you a story to read that KEEPS YOU UP UNTIL 5 AM ON A WEEK-NIGHT…well, then there’s no better word for it than…AMAZE-BALLS!

It’s my very special pleasure to introduce you to a fantastic author and terrific friend. Jennette Marie Powell and I first met as members of OVRWA many many moons ago. Through our time together at OVRWA, we’ve orbited one another in various board and committee positions, and shared a love of a sub-genre of romance whose time is long past due–Speculative Romance. Sometimes called “futuristic romance” or “sci-fi romance,” it’s often lumped in with paranormal romance and fantasy romance, with whom it shares fantastical elements, but it’s really a different animal.

In addition to being a fantastic writer who will take you on a well-researched thrill ride through time and romance, Jennette is a talented graphic artist and knows far too much about the secret history of Dayton, Ohio (no, nice G-Men in sunglasses, she hasn’t said anything about the, uh, stuff that is for sure and definitely NOT there. No sirree. Nothing here for you to see…). She’s been instrumental in helping me iron out some of the technical aspects in my own publishing journey, and I can’t thank her enough for her guidance.

An unwilling initiate in a secret society of time travelers breaks its highest law by changing the past, risking death and betrayal by the woman he loves.

Framed for murder, an unwilling time traveler will do anything to protect the woman he doesn't want to love, and their unborn child. But when they escape much farther into the past than planned, their troubles are only beginning – and secrets can get them killed.

Her Saturn Society series–Time’s Enemy and Time’s Fugitive–will grab you by the short’n’curlies from the breathtaking covers and won’t let go until you’ve devoured the last page.

And to further knock your socks off, the first book in the series, Time’s Enemy, is only 99 cents as part of a special summer promotion! Do NOT miss this chance to put these thrill-rides on your summer reading list!

They are available as ebooks and in print from all the major online retailers:

Jennette’s been kind enough to answer a few questions about the Saturn Society series for us here today. So without further ado, I’ll let the lady speak!

1. What made you want to write about time-travel and Dayton, Ohio for the Saturn Society series?

Sludge Factory! Haha, okay, let me elaborate. I got the idea to write a contemporary time travel from an Alice In Chains song called “Sludge Factory.” So that’s where I like to say my ideas come from (and some days, that seems to be all I get). I was originally going to set Time’s Enemy elsewhere, thinking I’d never be able to sell a book set in Dayton, but my characters had other ideas, and Tony found himself in the middle of the 1913 flood. That’s a little bit of local history I’ve been fascinated with ever since I heard about my great-uncle Lou carrying my great-aunt Del, as a baby, to safety from the quickly-encroaching floodwaters.

2. What’s the message you hope readers take away once they’ve read Time’s Fugitive?

That love is worth any risk, whether it’s a romantic love, love for a parent or child, or otherwise. That what you do today could have vast implications later. And that one person can make a difference.
3. How has writing the Saturn Society books changed your outlook on Dayton, Ohio?
It while doing the research for Time’s Enemy that I really fell in love with local history! Dayton’s had a bad rap for a long time, and the overall image is “boring,” but do a little digging and you’ll find it’s anything but! There’s so much innovation here, although much of it today isn’t public knowledge (hello, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base!). And a hundred years ago, Dayton was a really happenin’ place! At the turn of the 20th century, there were more significant patents filed per capita than any other city in the world. Not too shabby!
Thanks again for featuring me, Athena!

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