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January 14, 2016 / / Hacking the Narrative

So I went to see Jupiter Ascending this weekend at the movies, and lemme tellya, it’s crack-tastic in all the ways that push my buttons, and apparently, I’m not alone. For every supposedly “bad” movie that’s out there, you’ll find a legion of fans, and people who truly “got” the movie. Most of the time, it’s a one-note appeal that ends up in the “agree to disagree” category between fans and not-fans. This time, I’m of the opinion that most of the people who didn’t get the movie were watching the wrong story.

Hey, I know what it’s like to tell the wrong story. I’m the person who writes magical reality chick-lit about a dude, and makes its romance surround people hitting forty. I’m the person who thought, “Hey, I never realized it, but all the problems I thought I had with plot were because I wasn’t thinking in serial fiction terms” and decided that sci-fi romance, in spite of being the subgenre most avoided by major publishers, was going to be one of my most comfortable genre homes. The Wachowskis, similarly, are a different breed of epic, and they told a story that, when it’s understood what story they’re telling, can’t help but change how we look at movies. (Fair warning, Here Be Spoilers).

February 2, 2015 / / Hacking the Narrative

I recently engaged in an exercise for a class that asked me about the “seasons” of my career. The exercise was a simple one, but I ended up writing pages and pages, and on those pages showed up what was nothing more or less than my Origin Story (all great superheroes have them. As do super villains and evil geniuses. Shut up. All I’m saying is that Wonder Woman and I have never been seen in the same room together. I said, shut up.). Like all good Origin Stories, it’s not a strictly-detailed account or an accurate timeline admissible as evidence in any courtroom in case a jury needed to know if a certain writer had an alibi during any time where narrative homicide may or may not have been committed…

January 16, 2015 / / Hacking the Narrative

“Punching up” is a term I first came across as comedy advice, and is the term that…