Out here in crazy town,w are heading into vacation land. Fire the kids, that means endless plans for impending awesome. For Darth Mommy (that’s me), it means laundry, cleaning, and tackling all those projects that I had all the time in the world to finish just a week ago. Including more laundry.

Your vacation land cruise director makes everything run smoothly so you see nothing but the awesome, but there is a huge amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes. All you other cruise directors know what I’m talking about.

Some thrive on the chaos, using it to push themselves past a creative limit and find new and better ways to operate. Some grit their teeth and power through it, knowing it’s just a necessary evil to avoid even greater stress. And some of us run screaming from it until the last minute, when inevitability lays its insurmountable barrier in front of us. Hey-the run gives us time to accept our fate.

No matter how you arrive at your destiny, though, the reward makes it all worthwhile when the inevitable crisis arises and-gasp!-


That’s right. You have the supplies, the procedures, the plans in place, and all that behind-the-scenes prep work pays off when that crisis is averted and vacation goes right back to being awesome.

Because of you.

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