Athena Grayson

A good deed is a hard sell when you’re a bad girl.

Among Landfall’s elite, reputation runs everything–even the economy. Princess Ione has cashed in on playing the party girl for most of her life, but not even an imperial princess can escape the fallout of one too many scandals. Her efforts to repair her reputation have tanked, but she gets one last chance to make good, by planning a charity function for an embattled colony world. If she’s going to go from party princess to people’s princess, she’s going to need all the friends she can get, including the man who could have been her prince, but can now only be her secret.

For Den Hades, his rising star comes with a dangerous tail. His father’s rage has only grown since Den’s one act of defiance ruined his House’s chances of alliance with the Imperial House–and kept him away from the princess who captured his heart. Den’s rising Social Capital edges him closer to achieving Scionhood and freedom, but his father’s influence peels more of Den’s friends away. As his friends buckle under pressure from their own Houses to choose sides, his only chance is to find allies among his enemies and keep his secrets closer than ever–including his secret relationship with Ione.

It’s not the fall that’ll kill you…It’s the sudden stop at the end.