Athena Grayson

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She’s the empire’s secret weapon, but her secrets could bring down the regime. All he has to do is get out of her handcuffs and into her mind to unlock them.

When surprise alien attacks left Treska Sivekka’s body battered and her mind a blank slate, the regime that rose from the ashes gave her an identity and a mission. Vice Hunters like Treska seek out the threats to the Union’s security. Psypaths like Micah Ariesis are her primary targets and the Union’s biggest threats. But now that she’s got him in her handcuffs and every scumbag in the star system is after them both, her target may be the only one she can trust.

The Union promised security to terrified citizens in exchange for order and obedience, but psypaths like Micah and his allies, the near-human Hathori people, became scapegoats for inexplicable devastation…and then rebels against the repressive regime. Micah has one last chance to strike at the heart of the Union that hunted his kind to near-extinction–the Huntress ready to deliver him to its deepest prison. The secrets locked in Treska’s missing memories can bring down the Union–if he can get out of her handcuffs and into her mind.