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Indie Weekend: Exploring

One of the things I “get” to do as an indie is experiment. I use “get” in quotes because, as anyone who’s ever been in a lab with high school kids knows, the advantages can sometimes be…dubious. And that’s when things don’t get into downright dangerous. (Note: DO NOT LICK THE SCIENCE!)

Indie publishing has now reached a maturity where there exists, if not a paved highway to guaranteed success, then at least a beaten path on a map with a few outhouses and a general store along the way. There are definitely proven things you can do to stack the deck in your favor for success. They aren’t guaranteed to work every time or even be guaranteed sustainable for longer than a few weeks or months, but they are your best shot at the smoothest of several bumpy rides, should you choose to take them.

I’ve never been that great at reading maps. In Girl Scouts, I never failed to get my troop lost. But we always ended up lost in the most interesting places. I do that in my writing, too. I like to mix genres, flip tropes, play around with structure the way a ten-year-old plays with LEGOs. Publishing is no different. Even though I know there’s a marked trail, I still like to wander off the path looking at interesting flowers.

One of those uncharted paths is Radish Fiction and one of those flowers is Fantasy. Fantasy isn’t that far from Sci-fi, and we’re often lumped together, I know. But one of the markers on that beaten track is to stick to your genre lane when you build up a name. I’ve already broken that rule with my rom-coms and my paranormals, and I’m not afraid to be all over the map as I follow my muse (or rather, the Girls In The Basement – I don’t have a muse, I have five roommates that live in an epic basement with amazing decor including shag carpets and lava lamps. One entire room has been converted into a ball pit. I’ll tell you about it sometime). In the meantime, I’ll let Radish explain Radish in this cute little video that all readers can relate to.

One of the most fun things about wandering off the trail is taking some friends with you. In the coming posts, I’ll be introducing some friends who’ve also wandered into this little Radish garden, along with some short snippets of my own upcoming entry into Radish Reads. So keep an eye peeled for my next posting!

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