Athena Grayson

Cleaning Out The Closets

Just a short post to report in that I’m “cleaning out the closets” figuratively here at the blog–testing out some new under-the-hood stuff and playing around with some different look-and-feel bits.

I have a few freelance tasks I’m keeping busy with while I’m in “churn mode” for more stories in both the Star Empire and the Winterlands universes, and of course, there’s always promo.


I’m constantly tweaking little things to improve my discoverability. I’m toying with the idea of putting the first WinterJacked book into Kindle Unlimited for a season to increase its visibility, so if you’re interested in a women’s fiction/chick-lit style “second adulthood” romance with a guy going through a magical mid-life crisis as the main character, and you read on platforms other than Amazon, now’s the time to grab the first volume (and I promise, it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger! Just “room for possibilities”).

All four bundles of the Star Empire are now available at all the major retailers in your favorite formats. For the time being, until October 1, all 4 bundles of “Huntress of the Star Empire” are just $2.99 USD. After October 1, bundles 2-4 go to their original price of $3.99.

I am also literally cleaning out the closets in my house as we move from summer into fall. My dog is blowing another coat, so I am using the snow shovel to scoop up all the dog hair. My brain is also going through a “coat blow” as I re-evaluate my old ideas and look for new ways to streamline my writing process. It’s an exciting time to be a writer, and I love what I do!

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