Another incredible cover by Jen Marie Powell, who is amaze-balls.

I had one real New Year’s Resolution I made for 2015 (not counting the usual ones about getting in shape and eating better and finally taking down that evil monkey in the closet…). And that was to put out more books in 2015 than I did in 2014. I figured anything north of 1 would be a win. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered some backlist writing in an entirely new light, and found out I had not just one new thing, but a whole new series.

“Huntress of the Star Empire” begins a new (ad)venture in storytelling for me. “Huntress” is Science Fiction Romance – a lesser-known, but persistently plucky subgenre that blends the adventure and technology of science fiction with the character-driven emotional payoff of romance. Huntress is also written as an episodic series.

Beginning February 19th, I’ll be releasing short novella-length episodes once a week, dropping every Thursday. If you join me in the beginning of this adventure, and Amazon is gracious enough to comply, I’ll release one episode per week, and have the two follow-up episodes available for pre-order until I’m done. Right now, that’s twelve episodes.

If I may be honest, science fiction romance is a subgenre that lies very close to my heart. Books have always provided me with strange and unusual worlds to which to escape. Adventures untold awaited me between the pages, and I haunted the stacks at the local library. And while I devoured the SF and Fantasy subgenres, most of the time I wanted just a little more romance than they delivered.

At the time I wrote the bulk of this story, there wasn’t much market for science fiction romances at all. Nevertheless, I wrote, and it was out of pure joy (and a vague hope that someday the market might be there). Fast-forward past the “indie revolution” and the only barriers to letting this one loose into the wild are my own.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure. I’m doing new things, exciting things, scary things. But I said to myself on my last birthday that I refused to be an old dog who couldn’t learn a new trick. So I’m doing this, and I’m doing it without a net. It’s a rush.

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