Survey Sez…you get a freebie!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out my Reader Survey! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me get to know you a little better. Now it’s my turn to thank you, with a special note from one decidedly notable resident of the Jewel system. I’ll let Enlightenment speak for himself:

The worlds of the Star Empire’s Jewel system are many and varied, and as different in character as they are in landscape. As your emissary through the landscapes of the Jewel, I am honor-bound to extend my greatest efforts to showcase the wonders of my home system to travelers like yourself. I was able to procure some artifacts from the Star Empire that preceded the Union precisely for this purpose! This lovely set of “Travelers’ Postcards” from the old Imperial Travel Bureau was a particularly delicious find, which I am delighted to present to you here. Featuring four of the finest worlds in the system, this set of richly-colored postcards is ready for transmission! Simply click the download button below and you, too, will be in possession of a fine set of vintage memorabilia that will forever remind you of four of the most glittering gems touched by the warm light of the Jewel.

Download (downloads a high-resolution printable PDF)

Kindest regards,

Gentleman, Mauw, procurer of procurables, collector of collectables, de-stresser of damsels in distress

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