Welcome! I’m glad you stopped by from the Private Readers’ Group! June is full of fantasy with a healthy dose of sci-fi fun that’s perfect for getting away from the everyday grind!

This book blizzard is sponsored by Fallout: Scions of the Star Empire #2. If you want to learn more about the series, just click here!

Author Carol Van Natta is celebrating the release of her next Ice Age Shifters book with a giveaway with really awesome prizes. You should check it out if you like shifter stories with heart!

Smashwords is having a sitewide summer/winter sale. A whole bunch of authors are participating all over the Smashwords site so go check them out!

Zen DiPietro kicks off a new series in the Dragonfire Station universe. Kick off this Military SF series for just 99 cents for a limited time!

Get this Kindle countdown deal for 99c for just a few more days – SIX series starters in one anthology!

Lea Kirk’s Prophecy series launches the third installment June 30. Flora’s dangerously close to falling in love with her enemy, but not before they thwart an invasion.

Shiloh’s broken body hides a great magic, and she intends to use it. But the king’s court is a dangerous place. Drops July 11, available for preorder now!

They promised her happily ever after. Instead, they gave her Hell. Now, she’s getting revenge.

Book 1 in SJ Pajonas’ Hikoboshi series 99c for a limited time! When Yumi’s ship is fired on, she crashes on a dying moon with an unfamiliar culture, and try to keep from starting a war before rescue comes…if it comes at all.

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