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Privilege is a Prison

The heirs of Landfall's powerful nobility have all the wealth and privilege of their family status, but there's only one thing that will give them control over their own lives--the title of Scion. The only way to earn it is by carefully managing the social influence markets that rank them according to their accomplishments. At the exclusive Landfall Cultural Academy, the heirs vie to elevate their status high enough for the Cultural Trust to grant them the title and the freedom to make their own way. In this elite competition, scandal is as good as scholarship.

They can have anything they want...except freedom

Huntress of the Star Empire

Getting him in handcuffs was the easy part...




Meet The Huntress

Ever since she was found in the aftermath of alien attacks, Treska Sivekka, the Huntress, has been trained to hunt down threats to the security of the Union that gave her an identity, and the Union’s biggest threat–psypath Micah Ariesis–is in her crosshairs. The Huntress’s neuro-collar and repulsor cuffs may keep Micah’s mental talents under wraps, but getting him in handcuffs was the easy part. Every scumbag in the star system wants a piece of the Huntress and her bounty. But when the Union’s biggest threat exposes the lies around Treska’s missing memories, he may be the only one she can trust.

Finding a Unique Way

To Happily Ever After




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