Momming Monday: Summer’s Here!

Oddly enough, for not having had a real winter (we were one of the few places that missed just about every snowstorm and cold snap. Good in some aspects, but not so good in others), I’m feeling very glad that summer is now sorta officially here. School’s out, the days are warm, the nights are comfortable, and the pace of life is downshifting.


I know, I know. For most of us parents, the summertime is its own brand of madness as the structure around the school year gives way to endless days of fun in the sun (for about five hours, then it’s, “I’M BOOOOOORED!” and they start fighting). Summer time is usually its own job with keeping the little darlings from backsliding into illiteracy and forgetting to count past the number of fingers and toes that can be easily reached in flip-flops, while existing on a diet that seems to consist of popsicles and watermelon with an occasional hot dog thrown in. Are you kidding? you say. Summer is Work!

Here’s the deal, though. Summer doesn’t have to be insane work. I spend a lot of “business time” at the computer not because I’m actually doing business, but because I’m putting in the time I’m expecting to be there. I’m a writer, and while there is a component of “butt in chair, hands on keyboard,” there’s also a lot of noodling time. Time spent crafting and being inspired and mulling over or sketching out a story arc or a character sketch. A lot of that time is spent in my own head. Oh yeah, I have the laptop open, or even the notebook, with the ol’ pad and paper method, but most of the work goes on in my head. I just write it down to test it out.

Granted, some jobs require you to be in a certain place for a period of time, and there’s nothing that will change it, but if you have any flexibility at all in your work (and most of us who work from home really do, if we look for it), ask yourself how much “desk time” you really need, versus how much you spend doing what I call “chair jockeying.” Those of us who are parents know–or will learn, and maybe keep having to learn–that your time at the desk is limited. You will be dragged away from it, and you can either fight it and lose, or concede graciously and go mobile.

So instead of wishing I was back at the desk, I’m consciously choosing to accept going mobile as an option to my working time that can be just as productive as chair jockeying. Because if work isn’t working, then we need to find a better way to work.

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  1. June 4, 2012

    Sigh, my summer already feels insane! Mainly because I have one of those jobs where I have to be at a certain place at a certain time, but the pace doesn’t let up at home – if anything, it’s worse! Choir trip to France coming up and so much to do – not that I’m complaining! Then there are college visits coming up, one of which will be out of state… somewhere in there, I need to get another book written!

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