Today, I’m speaking to everyone in my life, as well as everyone who happens upon this blog, to tell you that writing can be a lonely business. You sit around all day with only the people in your head for company. Or you referee fights for your attention between the people in your head and the people outside your head, and never really have the time or brain cells left to just simply reflect. I’m taking that time today and reflecting on the fact that the act of writing–and the act of reading, too–is an act of creation.

Now, we can all figure out that writers create–we create people, we create stories, we create worlds and adventures and truths about humanity both great and small. But readers? You bet. Readers participate in the creation of the story by inviting that story to change them somehow. When I read a story–even if it’s one I end up not liking–I’m still changed by it. I’ve engaged in the experience, and I will look at the world a little differently after I’ve finished the book.

I’m also reflecting that the writer has no ecosystem without the reader, and I want to thank my readers (all seven of you, LOL) for taking a chance on my stories. Each one is a little bit of creation and you helped it along by inviting it into your imagination. I truly hope it nurtured your own creative spark, or at least provided you with a few content hours of relaxation.

Stories are amazing things. The ones we create, the ones we consume, the ones we share and spread around. Today’s the day I take time to appreciate that wonder, and to thank you all for being a part of my story.



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