Mothers the world over, from age to age, have never been unaware of the costs of war. Whether it’s watching husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, march off to the battlefield, welcoming them home when they are unwhole and scarred, burying them when they don’t make it, or living their lives while war rages all around them, mothers know the cost of war.

One of the best ways we can honor them and their sacrifice, is to never stop asking why. Never stop asking how much is too much. Never stop asking if there isn’t a better way than blowing each other up in numbers both large and small. Never stop asking why we are warring, what are we fighting for, and what is the price of victory. Never stop asking what the terms of victory are, either, because the worst thing that can happen is to find out what we thought we were fighting for, wasn’t really what we won.

Keep questioning. Pay attention. They gave all so that we didn’t have to, not so that we could forget or pretend they don’t exist.


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