Momming Monday: Working With Children

Mine are the ones on the left and the right...

This may come as a shocker to some of you but…I have children. I know, most of the time they act like hairless wild animals, but they are indeed human. And as we all know, summer is coming and with it, vacations. Which means kids at home. All day. Everyday.

If you are like me, you’ve learned the joy of those few hours where the house is quiet, the peace is absolute, and the ideas flow freely. Also, the kitchen mysteriously stays clean for more than five minutes and you can go all morning on one cup in the sink.

All that is about to change. Your kitchen will explode and your kids will want to be entertained and your productivity will plummet. Unless you change your routine, your life changes will leave you in frustration.

Flow To The Work

Before the chaos hits you have the gift of a few weeks to prepare yourself for new ways of flowing to the work. Your first step is to figure out the work. Chances are, the work won’t change, even if your schedule does, so it’s up to you to be the flexible element in the equation. Shorter time to yourself means you can accomplish more if you have shorter, portable tasks.

Roll With The Punches

Chances are also good that you will no longer be able to work in long chunks of time, so if you’re counting on some summer miracle to occupy your kids, you’ll likely end up frustrated and behind schedule. You might be able to mitigate this by bargaining with your kids for “quiet time” each day, where they amuse themselves in exchange for some reward later on. Line up short, punchy tasks you can do for times when you know you only have a few minutes while they’re catching lightning bugs (have the jar ready along with a good excuse as to how the little buggers magically “escaped” after bedtime. And let them go before they run out of air, for Pete’s sake!).

Delivery On Schedule

If you can swing this, and your kids can be counted on to keep up their end of the bargain, keep your end and keep your promise. Also, really use that time to work, not linger on facebook or twitter.

Vacation Means Vacation

Set time aside for leaving work behind as well. You already know you’ll have to go to summer sports games or other activities, and there will be Family Time (capitals intended). The best thing you can do in order to get the most mileage out of those vacation times and those summer events is to leave the work behind and be present as much as possible. Your family will thank you for not dragging work everywhere, and your brain will thank you for the break.

You can get as much done in summer as you can during the rest of the year with a little planning. Most importantly, forgive yourself if you can’t keep up the normal work schedule. Some seasons, you switch primary hats. As long as you’re still in control of your own focus, you’ll survive the temporary job fluctuations.

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