There are eight million stories in the Naked City…

Why do you write stories? Why not articles, or blog posts, or shopping lists with grand flourishes and curlicues? It’s because you have something to say.

Sure, we can say that we have voices in our heads talking to us, or we always wanted to do “Beauty and the Beast” with giant robots, but when you dig down deep into that place inside you that pastes your ass to the chair and your hands on the keyboard when it’s beautiful outside, or when your kids are asking for snacks, or when you TiVo your shows just so you can keep writing–it’s because you have something to say about what it means to be human. Even if you’re writing about giant robots.

It’s never about what it’s about. Writers and artists and creative people create because we see truths about the human condition. I write stories about numerous different characters–Pagan coffee shop owners, Dating Divas with a taste for bad boys, the high priest of the restless undead, a guy with a mid-life crisis that wreaks havoc all the way to faerieland–but in each of these stories (and the dozen others that include aliens, giant robots, dystopian futuristic refugees, and space princesses). All these weird and wacky personalities are unique to themselves, but they’re all part of something that claws at me to express truths about what it means to be human. Even the aliens and the otherworldly critters and the giant robots. Most of my stories are about defying expectations in some way. About not fitting in, but finding your place anyway, and if you can’t find that place, making your place.

What have you got to say? If you haven’t been thinking about this in your writing journey, don’t sweat it too hard–I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and pursuing publication since the mid-90’s, and it’s taken me years to be able to articulate the core, underlying, subconscious threads common to all my stories. Many writers don’t even bother, and that’s okay, too–if you’re writing engaging stories, improving your craft, and writing about what matters to you, you don’t necessarily need to articulate it. But if you’ve started feeling adrift, under-confident, or directionless, it helps to be able to examine and look directly at that core of why you first decided to embark on this crazy journey of writing. Understanding that thread of truth with conviction that drives you to create will help you examine the directions you’re going, and keep you moving forward.

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She’s absolutely sure he’s not the marrying kind…

He’s absolutely sure she’s right…

But he’s still going to prove her wrong.

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