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Yeah, today’s the Time Change. Just when you’ve gotten used to getting up when it’s finally beginning to lighten outside, you get knocked back to waking at Oh-Dark-Hundred. Seems like this whole “Spring Ahead” thing does nothing but put you behind–you lose an hour over the weekend, you lose an hour of daylight at the end of the day, you lose an hour to sleep in in the morning…that’s it…I’m calling a Timelord!

In all seriousness (and yes, I will have Number Eleven, thankyouverymuch), since the rest of you don’t get a Timelord (there is, after all, only one left), there are still ways of keeping yourself from Falling Behind while you’re Springing Ahead.

Four Ways To Play Catch-Up During Time-Change Week

Clear out the Clutter

Take this week and eliminate whatever you can from your schedule. Skipping a session of here or there things that aren’t really meaningful will free up some extra time for you to get sleep, catch up on the stuff you can’t avoid, and claw a little back to yourself. Eliminate or reschedule at least one thing this week.

The Ocean Always Wins, Dude.

Straighten Out Your Priorities

Clearing the schedule clutter will also force you to re-prioritize some of your activities. If you don’t already re-assess on a regular basis, you should start right now, this week. Our lives change, our time needs change, our kids and families change. Work changes. If you persist in maintaining the same schedule in the face of all this change, there comes a point where you’re that guy in the lighthouse, and your life is the wave.

Change Yer Undies

Not talking about the tighty-whities here (although those, too, should be rotated out on a regular basis–I shouldn’t have to tell you that). I’m talking about the underpinnings of your life–your value system not as you state it, but as you live it. If you say that family is important to you, then you better be prioritizing family things instead of blowing off the kids soccer games for a night out with the gang. If you say you’re working towards the promotion, then realign your activities so that you’re working smarter and you’re doing it in front of the people who make the promotional decisions. Look at what you’re saying, then look at what you’re doing. How much of what you’re doing aligns with what you’re saying? Start making action deposits in the account your mouth is writing checks against. I know that’s grammatically awkward, but it sounds pretty badass when you say it out loud. Trust me.

Move Your Desk

Finally, one of the key signs of spring–even if there’s still two feet of snow in the forecast–is the lengthening of the days. The angle of the sun on the earth in most of the Northern hemisphere is such that more direct sunlight is starting to shine on us. That means a different quality of light, and if you’re at all Seasonally Affected (like I am), your body will notice this. Shift your work space to take advantage of the beginnings of this light shift and you just might find your quality of work improves with the quality of light.

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