Momming Monday: Moving The Furniture

Even the perfect room layout gets stale after so many months. Since most of us don’t go running out to order whole new decorating schemes when our rooms start to look a little lived-in, the best alternative we have is to Move The Furniture. Yes, even that big sectional that you swear only fits one way in the room can be moved, and you’d be surprised at how much a difference even a six-inch move can make. But let’s be clear–we’re not just talking about furniture, here.

Fresh Perspectives

The reason you rearrange the furniture in any room is to gain a fresh perspective on it. Not just the furniture, but the room itself–its layout, its purpose, it’s uses–all benefit from upsetting the status quo. Is that coffee table a real shin-banger every time you get up to get a new bowl of chips? Or how about your kitchen cupboard layout? Are your high-use items in easy reach? Is it tough to navigate through the floor plan of your house? Do you want it to be tough? How about that furniture itself? Is that beautiful heirloom dining room table hidden under a pile of paperwork or a lousy tablecloth? Or is that gawdawful, too-ugly-to-be-vintage reject from your mom’s house in too-prominent display? Give it a shift! Put the paperwork under the heirloom, or on top of the ugly!

The simple act of turning a chair or shifting the orientation of a coffee table can give not only your room a fresh perspective, but your furniture itself. Are you showcasing your fine pieces? The deep hue of the wood on the side of the chair, or the full effect of the upholstery?

Furnish Your Mind

The living room isn’t the only place where you might get some benefit out of shaking up the floorplans. You have an internal map of your activities, your thoughts, your daily behaviors that can develop high-traffic areas the same way your hallway carpets do. Good habits we want to keep, but even the best of habits can turn stale if they occupy the same space in your mental map all the time. And as we all know, the same old, same old…gets old.

Is your mental space in need of some fresh perspective? While you’re rearranging your desk to maybe take advantage of the better views as winter turns to spring, how about rearranging your work habits to take advantage of some of that freshness? How does your work go if you approach it at different times in the day? Even if it might take a little getting used to, switching your morning and afternoon activities can give you a huge dose of fresh perspective that echoes into your work–you might find a fresh approach to traditionally knotty problems, or find your work style adapting in new ways that broaden your potential pool of effective work habits. Try it out and see!

Just…mind that mental coffee table. It’s a real shin-banger when you’re not paying attention.

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