I’m a fan of accountability, and my biggest accountability party in writing is usually NaNoWriMo in November. This year, because of production scheduling for my novel Forever Material, I couldn’t participate with the hope of any real success. Also, since I have children and a household to run, I usually have to “bank” with Mr. Athena for the lost time in November. This year, I failed to do that and I PAID THE PRICE.

On the good news side, though, I’ve discovered RoW80 – A Round Of Words In 80 Days (catchy, no?) just in time to kick things off. So without further ado, my goals for this 80 days are:

  • Write at least 1000 new words of my current WIP for 4 days a week
  • Spend 4 hours on revisions for my previous WIP per week
  • Limit social media to 15 meaningful minutes per day
  • Maintain consistent blog posts at least twice a week

I really don’t want to set concrete goals for social media–heaven knows I waste too much time on it, but I can ensure I’m consciously focusing on making my social media connections meaningful…and limiting them to keep from eating my life. I have other goals for other parts of my life, which I’m privately maintaining, or focusing on during Momming Mondays, but these ought to get me going for now.

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