Some Mondays, especially in the middle of winter, feel like, well…Mondays.

Probably the truest expression of that state ever recorded by man. This is the Monday after a killer weekend–whether it was from a booze-fueled bender, or motorized by the quiet and sublime joy of getting all those chores that require whole-family participation done–where you learn that all that end-of-week energy comes with a price. That the satisfaction of accomplishment (or the insane joy of vague memories of being not-entirely-in-your-right-mind) doesn’t exempt you from needing recovery time.

It’s most tempting to pull the covers back over your head (especially if you’ve sent kids and spouse off to work and the house is quiet) and call yourself a hero for not making the mess any worse. In all honesty, though, you really need to do the exact opposite. Get up, get dressed, wash off the Jack-sweat that’s leaking through your pores, and really…get out of the house. Disclaimer: If you’re really sick and not just hung over or sore from scraping interior latex (paint, you pervs!) from places you can’t quite reach with a washcloth, then by all means, you and your germs–back to bed!

Move It!

Yeeeeeeaaaahh, big on the vids today. But the point is there. If you’re dragging ass on a Monday, the best thing for it is–don’t coddle it! Success breeds success. Get dressed. Put your shoes on. Get out and do one thing, even if it’s just getting milk or gas. When you move your body, your blood starts flowing, your heart starts pumping, and your body releases the chemicals that give you energy. If you go so far as to exercise, you actually get an endorphin rush. At the very least, you can say, “Hey, I wasn’t a slug today, I gassed up the car.”

But What About The Deskwork?

But, you say, I am working. I’ve got all this deskwork to finish–blog posts, chapters, word counts, yadda yadda yadda.

I know. I have ’em, too. But think of it this way–you have a whole lawn of grass to mow. How could you possibly waste time and effort with a pulling motion on that lawnmower cord? You need to be pushing back and forth, right? Only…all the pushing in the world won’t cut a single blade of grass if that motor ain’t running. Shut up, all you people who have push-mowers or riding lawnmowers that only require a key start, I’m making a point, here!

You’ll get to your deskwork. In fact, you’ll probably do it better and faster if you’re not dragging ass just lifting your head.

Stay at home parents, get dressed. Showering’s optional–your call. 😉 But at the very least, put on street clothes. When you are out of your pj’s it’s a sign to your subconscious that you are ready to work and kick up your focus. Pick one thing to clean (I use the whole FlyLady method and clean the sink first). Success begets success.

Move, leave the house or desk, even if it’s just to get the mail. Get your limbs working and your body moving, even for just a few minutes, to get all that blood going to your heart and brain. Take 15 minutes if you can and hop on the treadmill. Step outside and breathe the fresh air (go more than five feet outside the entrance to get past the smokers in the office building). When you go back in, you’ll be refreshed, your blood will be pumping, and your brain will be a little less fogged with the Mondays.


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