Momming Mondays: Extra Credit Means You Deserve Basic Credit

I talk a lot about all the ways we can steal time, multi-task, and otherwise sneak extra productivity into our lives. Now I’m talking about making room for something just as important as productivity. Credit.

We do not, as a rule, grant ourselves enough credit for all our accomplishments. Especially those of us who answer to “mommy.” And that’s not only unfair, it’s dangerous.

Impossible Standards
We set standards for ourselves based on our own ambitions (and “ambition” is not a bad word in itself, especially for women, no matter what those knee-jerk reactions inspire). Others set standards for us based not on our priorities, wants, or needs, but on theirs. Weighted and averaged, this dilutes and redirects our progress towards our own goals.

Not that this is a bad thing in the aggregate. We are not solely selfish beings. But if we accept expectations from others along with ourselves, then it is our right to also expect acknowledgment from them as well.

But as we all know, expecting credit and getting credit are two different animals. You can’t control whether or not someone else is classy enough to recognize your accomplishments (but if it’s in the workplace, make damn sure you ask for that recognition-just because you’re a team player doesn’t mean you’re the one that always has to “take one for the team.” Document your accomplishments and your creations at work-just in case someone else decides to take that unclaimed credit).

You can’t control whether or not someone else gives you the credit you deserve, but you can make sure you give yourself credit on a regular basis.

Good Girls Don’t

...and sometimes they won't even do that. Take some credit while you're still around to enjoy it.

(Yes, this is more directed towards women than men, but let’s face it-men don’t have near the problem that women do when it comes to honoring our own achievements). Good girls don’t seek the spotlight. Good girls don’t demand credit because that’s selfish and we’re all supposed to be selfless martyrs.


So…how’s that “no credit” thing working out for ya? Feel like jumping out of bed in the morning for a hard day’s work for not even a thank you? Yeah, me neither. We all work for strokes on some level–your personal level might be nowhere near mine, but that doesn’t mean that either of us should give up on the credit that makes us amazing for what we do.

Take the time to acknowledge how far you’ve come, and all that you’ve accomplished. Celebrate your successes, because when you do, others will recognize them, too.

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