You know how they say, “Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men…” and rarely finish the sentence? If you’re a parent, of course you do. I’ve spent the weekend formatting (and enjoying the learning curve that is inherent in every first time attempt to do anything technical) my short story “The Spelling Error” for Smashwords, Kindle, and B&N. I’m at 2 out of 3 so far. Remember I blogged about using calendars effectively? Well, in spite of using my calendars religiously, I neglected to note the school district in-service days. As we’re rushing around, stuffing folders in backpacks, I pull out the bright yellow half-slip that says, “Remember Parents! No school Monday and Tuesday!”

Well. So much for my workaday workday. Today, I put my work tasks aside in favor of making Halloween costumes, getting new shoes for the kids, and making unexpected runs to the grocery and doctor (just a routine visit, but one I was expecting to attend with fewer witnesses). But this goes back to the idea of letting go. I should have saved that topic for today, but I can’t see the future in my crystal ball, so let me just provide a refresher link here. I knew I had work tasks waiting for me, but I needed to be mom today. So I was mom.

Not to say there aren’t days (specifically in the summer) when I’m Mom Who’s Working. Even as Working Mom, I have to manage my expectations and my task list so I’m using time effectively–but not overusing it. Multitasking is effective–up to a point. But nothing can substitute for actually being when you’re with your kids. I know, it hardly bears mentioning, but there are times when we all would rather be doing something “more productive.” That’s when it’s worth it to just be there and know everything else will keep. Because now that I’ve spent the day being Mom, I’m more energized than ever to get back to digging my nose into formatting quirks and focusing my evening on editing my short contemporary rom-com.

As soon as I get the dishes done.

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