Feast Your Senses

I’m a writer, so I work in words. Long words, short words, words designed to shock and pop, and other words designed to fade into the background of what’s actually being said. I work so much in words that pictures mean more to me with captions rather than without. Give me the thousand words–the picture is optional.

Out Of My Right Mind

Most people would say that’s a very analytical, right-brained, non-creative approach to living your life. I’m tempted to agree on some days. But on others, I wonder if I’m so far right-brained that I’ve snuck back into the left hemisphere of the ol’ nugget. Right-brainers are very analytical people, and if you ask anyone, we are the ones voted most likely to become accountants, engineers, tech geeks, or computer programmers. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have reams of creativity at our disposal. The ability to make connections with data and to hold macro and micro views of pattern recognition takes a different kind of creativity than the use of color and balance in visual media.

Shock Therapy

When you’re as right-brained as I am, you can get into a rut that has you damn near literally listing to starboard. We all know that balance is healthy (and keeps you from falling over!), because too much of a good thing can kill you. Your creativity, at least. I can tell when my own creativity begins to show signs of strain. General malaise sets in, I can’t focus, and my inspiration to do anything–whether it’s create, learn, or just unload the dishwasher–suffers. Most of the time, there’s a simple remedy to that. Feed your head.

I work in words, so the things that shock me out of my ruts are things that are visual or experiential. And I’ve got to be honest–the experiences that feed my senses the most are the ones I have little to no talent for. I admire people who can express a concept in a collage of visual and tactile items, but I can’t seem to do it myself. Scrapbooking escapes me. I can hear and appreciate (and groove to) musical movements and layering in melody, harmony, and musical throughlines that I could never come up with on my own. I can eyeball and appreciate the elegance in a nice clean source code that I just don’t have the chops for.

I work in words, but sometimes I have to find my inspiration in the wordless.

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