Momming Mondays: Learning To Let Go

Momming Mondays are here to help you LFMF (that’s, “Learn From My Fail” for those of you who don’t catch every internet meme that flits by). It is my sincere hope that if any one of the tips I am posting here helps you grasp a little more time to write, or a little more control over your household, it will have been worth it. I know how hard it is to face your family and say, “I didn’t get to your thing because I was doing mine.” I know how much harder it is to say that to yourself. And I know how very very easy it is to look at yourself and say, “I’ll get to my thing right after I get to someone else’s ten things,” knowing that “right after” will always be just out of reach. But there are some days where there’s just not enough of you to go around. And on those days, you just have to Let Go.

Piling It On, But Barely Hanging On

Ever have something gripped so tight that you can’t even feel what you’re holding on to? There’s a point where you forget why you held so tight. Unless you are literally holding onto something that’s dangling you over an abyss, there will come a time when you just have to let something go. Whether it’s the writing for that day, or the pile of laundry blocking the door, or even a social commitment, you have your limits and it’s important to know where they are.

Superwoman Syndrome

Anne Taintor
The lovely and talented Anne Taintor nails it

(And guys, this is for you, too–let the pronouns go on this one, mmkay?) There’s a temptation to hunker down and get determined when it looks like the demands from outside your head are piling on what’s trying to get out of your heart. It’s hard enough to say no when the volunteer sheet comes around, or the friend rings up with the small request, or the day job comes through with something just begging for your special expertise.

But the truth of the matter is, you can spread yourself way too thin, and when that breaking point is reached, everything will come crashing down. Not to be Debbie Downer or Nancy Negative here, but if you’ve got too many balls in the air, you’re not just going to drop one–they’re all coming down.

Letting Go Of Having To Let Go

When you find your upper limit and realize you’re glub-glubbing with your head sinking below the waves, you’ll no doubt come to realize that something’s gotta go. You’re not going to make the appointment, tick off all the items on the to-do list, or make your word count for that day. The sooner you realize this, actually the better off you’ll be. There’s no shame in letting go of that task item, or if you want to use a more positive terminology, “re-prioritizing” it.

Re-prioritize that line item and then…Let It Go. Do not punish yourself over it. You’re wasting energy with self-recrimination. Once you’ve re-prioritized the item, put that extra energy into being there for the rest of your to-do list that you are able to get to. Not making the daily word count can hurt, I know. But spending time thinking about it while you’re taking your kids to and from an appointment isn’t going to net you any bonus points in the Good Intentions department. Let it go and enjoy the time with the kids. You can always plot in your carry-around planner while you’re waiting.

You…do have a planner, right?

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