Friday TMI

Taking a bit of a break from history today to share with people a little bit about me. About what’s on my sidebars, and what isn’t.

My bio says I’m a writer, but there are no books in my sidebar. I have published books, both traditionally with legacy print publishers (triple whammy right there for those of you playing the publishing industry drinking game), and with e-publishers. I’m currently in the process of going indie or self-publishing (tie another one on, drinkers). I could bore you with reasons and justifications, but then I’d have to mention JA Konrath and Amanda Hocking and the drinkers among us would be falling out of their chairs (ooops). The important thing is that I’m moving forward.

I’m happy to report that my short contemporary romantic comedy has gone through edits. All that’s left is cover art, formatting, and uploading. My short story just needs formatting and uploading. I have the rights back to my epublished erotica–all that needs is fresh cover art and an eyeballing. This fall, I’m going to be busy.

It’s more than a little scary. Gone are the days where I can think a bad cover or bad timing are out of my control–I’m the one in charge of everything–all the bad decisions are mine alone.

Redefining Me

The major impetus for my metamorphosis in my writing–or at least, the interesting part–is that I’ve learned that if you want to not hate what you’re doing–no matter what it is–then you have to be flexible enough to keep redefining yourself. Gone are the days where there was one way of doing things, or a guaranteed path to Living The Dream. And that goes for any dream, not just writing. We live in a wildly fluctuating world, and as the Chinese curse says, Interesting Times. Nothing is sacred, nothing is sure, and nothing is definite. Once you let that go, you realize the only constant is change. You also realize that not changing is, in fact, a struggle in itself that literally saps you of precious energy and effort.

So the takeaway from this little sharing session is nothing more and nothing less than the profound.

Watch This Space.

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