Even though my Friday posts are usually about history, this week, I’m talking about what to do after history happens.

You move forward.

You remember what happened, you try to puzzle out as much “why” as you can when often there’s precious little to be found. But you keep moving forward.

Even grief has stages, and those stages are there to help you sense the gravity of what happened, and adjust to carrying its weight. And eventually to recognize that weight will become, if not easier to bear over time, then at least more of a part of you.

I was originally going to post on moving forward in terms of upping my time at the treadmill desk, and of moving plots forward in time between characters, but I realized that sometimes I have to sit and mull, rather than walk and write, and no matter how much I push myself to walk and write, the writing will not come until the mulling has been done.

I think it’s the same thing with anything that affects you in a profound way (and if your writing isn’t affecting you in a profound way, then switch subjects). You need time to adjust to the gravitas of profundity.

But not forever. You start back up again and you keep moving forward.

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