We all know the benefits of circuit training when it comes to cardio workouts, but did you know that circuits can also squeeze time out of your errands and put it into your writing?

Combining trips is not a new or particularly novel idea–it’s been promoted for years by energy savers. Bank your trips to a particular section of town and get ’em all done at once to keep from having to run back and forth more than once and save gas. But you also save time, too.

It may not seem like you’re saving time by spending more of it running around. What you’re actually doing is spending time, yes, but you’re spending it wisely.

Know Where You’re Going

The first step to blocking your errands is knowing what’s on the to-do list. Invest a little time in listing your weekly tasks and where they are/where you have to be, just as you would outline a scene (or for us pantsers, mull it over mentally until inspiration struck). Once you know where you’re going, you’ll know how much time you have to get there.

We all know how beneficial it is to schedule writing time, right? It’s just as beneficial for your errands to have a scheduled time as well. Maybe not the same time every week, but by giving your errands a block of time, you don’t carry them with you through the week (or into your writing time).

Be There When You’re There
Once you’ve found a time to do your errands, focus on them. Give them the attention they merit. You will find it easier to turn off that focus when it’s time to write.

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