Or actually, it can be harder to write.

Little bit of an update here. Although it’s not apparent from my sidebar’s lack of links to Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, or wherever, I am actually a writer writing books. I’ve got no links up yet because I haven’t put anything up for sale yet. I even took down the books I published under another name with a publisher (it had to do with contracts and rights and deciding to take my career in an expanded direction and starting fresh–in short, a whole bunch of boring, personal, whingey stuff you’re probably better off not knowing). Long story short, it’s hard work to keep up with regular blog postings and regular writing, especially during the summer when my kids are out of school.

So I’ve scaled back on the online activities. Because a.) I actually kind of like hanging out with my kids where we’re not all absorbed in the various screens and gadgets available to us, and b.) As a result of a.), and the result of a very wise Twitter post of one very wise Mur Lafferty, “Nothing on the internet is as exciting as the book you should be writing.” And every time I think of that quote, I’m once again struck with how absolutely, wonderfully, quoted-for-truth, trufax, TRUE that statement is.

My WIP is the most fun I’ve had yet. It’s also the hardest work I’ve done yet. But I promised myself I would not blog often about writing. Instead, I’m talking about what else has been keeping me All Quiet on the Internet Front, and it’s the activities I’ve been doing with my kids. We have been involved in sports, but that’s not really a barrier (because for parents, those can be passive things–you can tweet and facebook and blog post and even write while you’re at baseball/soccer/football/lacrosse/whatever practice, sitting on the bench). No, it’s the actual engagement of physical activities that we’ve been enjoying as a family around the house. Specifically–outside. We’ve been cooking solar (although not often lately because of overcast skies). We’ve been tending a garden and landscaping. I’ve been letting the nine year old ride around on the mower (yikes!), and we’ve been stomping through the woods and getting bit by bugs.

So when I sit down here to do a blog post, it’s with the urge to flip over to my WIP pulling strongly at me. It’s also the calls from outside (you know the ones–“Hey, Mom, watch this!”–that have you running for the first-aid kit and the camera, because if they live through this, it’s prime blackmail fodder for the teen years). And it’s the heavy-lidded blinking that draws a blank when I think, “Holy crap, what have we done that I can blog about?” And being bombarded with the answer of, “Jeez…where do I start?” And then when I think of starting, I think of finishing things, and how there’s also a garage full of stuff that we have to finish so I can take pics and post the how-tos (because some of this stuff is seriously awesome summer fun).

Anyway, point of post–it’s summer, there are adventures to be had, and I’ve got a word count to fill. Enjoy your weekend, as I will be enjoying mine!

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