SFR Brigade Summer Cafe: To The Opera!

What characterizes a space opera dish is that the technology or advancement of civilization acts as a seasoning to the staple ingredients of interpersonal conflicts of the characters.

Jupiter Ascending: Crack-Tastic, and Mythically Awesome

Share with someone…So I went to see Jupiter Ascending this weekend at the movies, and lemme tellya, it’s crack-tastic in all the ways that push my buttons, and apparently, I’m not alone. For every supposedly “bad” movie that’s out there, you’ll find a legion of fans, and people who truly “got” the movie. Most of […]

Exciting New Things

“Huntress of the Star Empire” begins a new (ad)venture in storytelling for me.

Understanding My Own Narrative

You know how Facebook is really just comparing your life to other people’s highlight reel? I got a chance to look at my own highlight reel, and realized that it’s pretty awesome.

Worldbuilding Wednesday: TV Tricks

Share with someone…I don’t have cable or satellite (weird, I know, but guess who hasn’t seen a political ad ALL YEAR), so when I get into a TV show, it is usually a few years old, and available by the season on Netflix. This gives me a unique perspective in viewing shows. I can watch […]

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Empathy In Strange Places

Share with someone…Took a trip to the museum today to see an exhibit on Pompeii. I came away with a sense of how like us the people of the ancient Roman empire truly were. They had plumbing, fast food and take-out (in containers with ads on them, even!), and like us, they had a great […]

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Mastercraftsmanship

Share with someone…Nobody teaches you how to be an author. This was something I learned twenty years ago when I took a creative writing class in college and had my little short romantic story about two teenagers sharing a phosphate and opinions on women’s suffrage lambasted as “genre.” Honestly, I was baffled. “Genre” was what […]

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Building Blocks

Share with someone…Anybody who’s ever been around a baby knows that blocks are the most fun toys ever to have been gnawed on, no matter if said gnawing is done in a mud hut or a marble palace. Blocks are the cool shit, and don’t let anybody tell you different. As writers, we craft our […]

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Keeping House

Share with someone…As an author, I get to put my characters in any location I want, because I’m the author, that’s why (oh, was I supposed to resist saying that? Oops ::blush:: ) But the right location may not be the “best” location from the character’s perspective. Now, I was weaned on superhero cartoons, and […]