Indie Weekend: Moon Dance Cover Reveal

Please ooh and aah over the cover for this upcoming contribution to “Love Potion #9: 14 Paranormal Romances” featuring USA Today, Bestselling, and Award-Winning Authors.

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Make A Career Of It

Share with someone…I’ll be the first to admit, I like the wording more than the picturing when it comes to putting a book together. I use the words to make the pictures on the brain (although tonight, I’m apparently In A Mood and the braining is making the wording come out all sideways-y). But my […]

More Quid Pro Quo: Art Imitates Life…In Traction, Maybe

Share with someone…Jim Hines is a brilliant writer and a brilliant educator about writing, who’s given more back to the writing world than most writers even have. Here’s another lesson that will make your brain engage. Make with the clicky, because there’s more you won’t want to miss! Striking A Pose: Women and Fantasy Covers