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Punching Up

"Punching up" is a term I first came across as comedy advice, and is the term that refers to the way that comedy can be uncomfortable without being offensive. Punching Up means that you are a person with a certain level of power in a hierarchical system. And as a...

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Life, Act Two-sdays: Life Gardening

It's June. Summer is here and the days are ripe and long. You may not realize it right away, but Act Two is the summer of life. You're in full bloom. Your glow is bright, and shines long. You're in the fullness of your life. And you still have a loooong growing...

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Life, Act Two-sdays: Second Adulthood

I've been thinking a lot lately about the series I'm working on right now. The WinterJacked series masquerades as a paranormal romance, a romantic fantasy, or a contemporary chick-lit/women's fiction hybrid. It doesn't seem to live comfortably in any of these genres,...

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Life, Act Two-sdays: Infrastructure

Infrastructure. Most people think, "roads and bridges" when they hear the word. When you're into Act Two on the stage of life, infrastructure is the knowledge that those stationary set-pieces will be doing double-duty, serving as sketch-definitions of many spaces in...

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Life, Act Two-sdays: Tragi-Comedy

Ever notice how most "serious" films, "important" books, and "hard-hitting" media tend to be depressing in nature? They either feature terrible people doing rotten things, or awful things happening to good people for no good reason. I have to wonder why? Why is...

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