I write books. I’ve been doing it for years and years, and I don’t plan on ever stopping. The books may fall into a range of genres, but they almost always tell stories  about people finding and making their own place in the world.

Rude Awakening

An Otherworldly Mid-life Crisis. Because why should the teenagers have all the fun?

An Otherworldly Mid-life Crisis. Because why should the teenagers have all the fun?

WinterJacked Book 1

December 2013
Full-length Paranormal contemporary fantasy romance
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Sometimes you reinvent yourself…Sometimes you redefine reality.
Jack Winters lost his perfect, upwardly-mobile life (along with the perfect, upwardly-mobile wife) when it intersected with a pack of fantastical creatures. He’s spent three years determined to ignore the Things that want to call him Master, and kept his failures frozen under a thick layer of isolation from even his closest friends. But when a holiday reunion presents him with the woman who Might Have Been, suddenly the impossible doesn’t seem so improbable anymore…
Lin Sanada thought she was long over her college crush and the missed connections that kept her and Jack Winters “just friends” for nearly twenty years. She’s moved on, and left wishful thinking behind. But when a winter night, a full moon, and a little magic lead her into a very real relationship with the man of her dreams, she finds a reality far more fantastical than her wildest imaginings…
To the young, impossible dreams are magic. At forty, they’re a mid-life crisis.
If Jack wants to earn a new chance at a future, he’ll have to confront all the raw wounds failure left on his expectations. And he’ll have to choose: keep clinging to the shreds of his old life…or make a whole new reality.

Forever Material

This is the new cover for Forever Material. It will be on the Print Edition, soon to be available at!

The right kind of Mr. Wrong

November 2011
Short contemporary romantic comedy
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She’s absolutely sure he’s not the marrying kind…
He’s absolutely sure she’s right…
But he’s still going to prove her wrong. 
After making a fool out of herself too many times over bad boys, Barbara Whitehall knows one when she sees one. That’s why she’s made a career out of teaching other women how to get over the bad boys–like her hunky neighbor–and find good men.
Jake Mancini’s life was going just fine until his good-looking business neighbor walked into his life on killer legs. But those legs are nothing next to her lethal tongue. Her “DateSmart” workshops have cheated him out of several Saturday nights with attractive women–and prime retail space for his business.
If Jake can prove her wrong, she’ll have to close up shop. All he has to do is get close enough for her to fall for him…without losing his own heart.

The Spelling Error

A spell gone wrong…A Love gone right

October 2011
Sweet romantic short story
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“The Spelling Error” is a sweet romance about a spell gone wrong, which leads to a love gone right.
13-year-old Lucy Dane wants someone to love her, but instead of a dog, her father Paul brings home Mira Taggart.
Mira’s used to fighting the stereotypes engendered by her Pagan faith. She’s not too happy that her “airy-fairy” mother lured her back home to help out a friend’s struggling business.
Paul Dane is much more down-to-earth than Mira expected, and his kisses have her head in the clouds.
Mira’s happy to meet a man who doesn’t see her Pagan faith as a liability to his career, but would she feel the same way without Lucy’s spell?
Author’s Note: This story was originally published in the “Words of the Witches” anthology, Berkley 2002.