Indie Weekend: The Rules

Just because you’re a Lone Wolf doesn’t mean you don’t have to wag the dawg… Indie authoring has opened up whole new vistas of writing possibility, you’ll hear everyone who has an opinion on it say so. And this is True Facts in the same way my need for morning coffee is inversely proportional to […]

Indie Weekend: Wild Wild West

One of the things going it alone has taught me is the idea of just how important and valuable someone else’s help truly is. When you’re going it alone, you don’t have the (theoretical) resources of a huge publisher to back you up when you wonder if your numbers are right on the dashboards, or […]

Indie Weekend: Push It

As I’ve said, this Indie gig is wild. Seems like some days, everything’s back-asswards, right down to the way you approach your writing. I spent enough time in traditional publishing to see a pretty decent glimpse of how careers work in Trad. If you manage to break into trad publishing, there’s a subtle (and not-so-subtle) […]

Indie Weekend: Factoring In Fear

Being an indie means you can’t hide behind a publisher or an editorial department or an agent. You can’t blame a bad ending on an editor or mediocre sales on a marketing department. You can’t blame your career on a mismanaging agent. You are everything, you are in control, and you are responsible. You aren’t, […]

Indie Weekend: Without Anesthesia

Going Indie in publishing is like doing it without a net. What’s “it,” you ask, well, “it” is putting yourself out there, in book form. Every author puts a piece of themselves in their books, and then after that painful surgery of cutting out a piece of your soul and putting it into written form, […]

Indie Weekend: Doing The Math

When you have complete control over your book’s presence in the market, it’s easy to get caught up with monitoring that presence day and night, every day, by the hour or by the minute, but when you get caught up in the minutes, you forget just how many of them are there…and how many of […]

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Make A Career Of It

I’ll be the first to admit, I like the wording more than the picturing when it comes to putting a book together. I use the words to make the pictures on the brain (although tonight, I’m apparently In A Mood and the braining is making the wording come out all sideways-y). But my lovely cover […]

Tech Support: Read Smashwords Ebooks On Aldiko Reader For Android

This may or may not become “a thing” on the blog, but after futzing about with a recent Smashwords purchase and my Android phone (my usual purchases from Smashwords get read on my laptop), I thought I’d share with the class a quick and dirty way I get my Smashbooks onto my phone for reading […]

Indie Weekend: In Which I Blab About Being An Indie Author

I’m an indie author. The book links are over there. –> They should open up in a new window or tab. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Okay, thanks for clicking. I didn’t want my blog to be yet another blog where the writer talks about how hard it is to write or what it’s like to […]

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Soft Focus

It’s getting to be fall, and for writers, that usually means at least an awareness of NaNoWriMo, if not outright participation. Many of us are going to be engaging in some form of all-out, keyboard-smashing orgies of writing some time in the next 60 days. That usually requires focus. I remember well the stories I […]