Life, Act Two-sdays: Second Adulthood

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the series I’m working on right now. The WinterJacked series masquerades as a paranormal romance, a romantic fantasy, or a contemporary chick-lit/women’s fiction hybrid. It doesn’t seem to live comfortably in any of these genres, though, because its genre hasn’t caught on yet. I’m talking about the peculiar […]

Life, Act Two-sdays: Infrastructure

Infrastructure. Most people think, “roads and bridges” when they hear the word. When you’re into Act Two on the stage of life, infrastructure is the knowledge that those stationary set-pieces will be doing double-duty, serving as sketch-definitions of many┬áspaces in which you tell your story. By the time Act Two rolls around, you have seen […]

Life, Act Two-sdays: Tragi-Comedy

Ever notice how most “serious” films, “important” books, and “hard-hitting” media tend to be depressing in nature? They either feature terrible people doing rotten things, or awful things happening to good people for no good reason. I have to wonder why? Why is senseless death so much more “keepin’ it real” than, say, the triumph […]

Life, Act Two-sdays: Love The One You’re With

One of the liberties granted to me by entering Act Two is that I’m no longer so aggressively marketed to as I once was. Oh, I’m still chased down like a tired fox by a pack of starving ad-hounds when it comes to appealing to my motherhood and my skin elasticity, but I’m not so […]

Rude Awakening: Book 1 In WinterJacked Cycle Launched!

Well. That was tougher than anticipated. Indie publishing is a wondrous thing, offering authors unprecedented control and freedom over our careers that we’ve not enjoyed as a group maybe ever. But it does have its lessons to teach us. One of those lessons is that a book launch is a process, rather than the event […]

Cover Reveal: WinterJacked Book One: Rude Awakening

Emerging from the cave where two years of my life have been spent working on the most ambitious story I’ve taken on to date…and really super-grateful for my amazing friends who are gifted with incredible talents!

Life, Act Two-sday: All In

Be passionate about something, and whatever that something is, if you’re passionate about it, do it.

Life, Act Two-sdays: Are You Still A…?

I won’t lie. Sometimes the curtain goes up in Act Two when you’re still merrily treading the boards and thinking you’re in Act One. Some transitions take the meandering route, allowing you to gradually ease into the second act after you’ve had time to make a costume change, shuffle things around in the props department, […]